Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I use BankBook?
Making sense of your financial life is hard. BankBook makes it easy.

BankBook is like a digital bank crossed with a personal budgeting tool. We keep track of your Assets, Income Streams, Liabilities (debt) and Payments, and then answer the hard questions:

  • What is your Net Worth today? Or five years from now?
  • Do you earn more than you spend?
  • Can you afford to retire?
I'm concerned about online privacy. Is there a privacy risk to using BankBook?
No, your personal information will never be shared without your consent. Also, BankBook can be used anonymously: we only require an email address to contact you in case you lose/forget your password.

Also, we are certified SOC2 compliant which is the highest standard for data security as defined by the AICPA. Our auditors are BDO.
Why is BankBook Different?
  1. Net Worth — BankBook tracks your accounts which is important because accounts are where you keep your money. By tracking the flow of money into and out of your accounts we can measure your Net Worth over time.
  2. Custom Assets and Liabilities — Personal Assets are often unique to you: your home, your mortgage, your salary — even common investments like GICs are unique. BankBook models them all, giving your a complete view of your finances.
  3. Financial Goals — Set realistic financial goals like "living comfortably in retirement", or "saving for a new car". BankBook will tell you how you're doing, how far ahead you are, or whether you need to make positive changes in your financial portfolio to meet your goals.
How do I enter my financial data into BankBook?
You can either upload data exported from your online banking portal, or you can enter it by hand. Either way, it's quick and easy.
Is BankBook free to use?
Yes, BankBook is completely free to use.
I own assets denominated in different currencies. Can BankBook handle that?
Yes. BankBook is multi-currency. All assets can be seamlessly converted from one currency to another.
Can I model Registered, Tax-Exempt or Self-Directed Trading Accounts?
Yes, simply create an Account within your Financial Institution, and the assets held in that account will be segregated.

Ready to know your finances?

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