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Analyze your finances in one place. BankBook is powerful new financial application that lets you model all aspects of your financial life: investments, personal assets/liabilities and financial goals.

  • Multi-Asset:

    Stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, fixed-income, FX, custom products.

  • Flexibility:

    Organize your financial data any way you like using our flexible and interactive Portfolio Builder.

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Balance Sheet

The Balance Sheet allows you to see all of your financial data in one place. It summarizes your Assets, Liabilities, Income Streams and Payments, and let's you see your overall financial health. For example: do you make more than you spend? Do you owe more than you own?

  • Assets:

    things you own, like a home, a vehicle or a stamp collection.

  • Liabilities:

    debt, like a mortgage or a car loan.

  • Income Streams:

    your salary, or any other source of income.

  • Payments:

    regular payments that you make, like rent, property tax or a credit card bill.

Financial Goals

Well-defined Financial Goals are important. Examples: saving for a stress-free retirement, a University fund or a dream vacation. BankBook lets you define your Financial Goals, prioritize them, and quickly know whether or not you are on track to meet them.

  • Control:

    Define the accounts, investments and assets that contribute to achieving each goal.

  • Prioritize:

    Prioritize your goals to ensure the most important ones are reached first.

Why use BankBook?


Model international investments with integrated multi-currency accounting. Create reports on-demand using real-time FX market prices.

Portfolio Analysis

BankBook has sophisticated metrics to analyze portfolio data. Returns: 1 day, month-to-date, year-to-date and since inception, expressed in both absolute terms ($) and percentage change (%). Portfolio Diagnostic: asset allocation, geographic breakdown, and sector weightings.

Custom Products

Custom Products can be modelled using BankBook. Examples include Fixed Income products (bonds), Property (house, car), Debt (mortgage, loan) or others. Simply define the parameters of the product and it will be included in your portfolio.


Our interface is accessible on mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers. The intuitive design of BankBook makes it easy to use whether you're on your phone or your laptop.


Download full transaction reports from BankBook, including buy/sell transactions (trades) and transfers (changes to an account balance). Reports may be generated for any time range in CSV or PDF format.

Time Saving

Our software makes it easy to manage your finances and will save you time. By combining our user-friendly website and powerful software we make it easy to manage your finances glyphiconter.


Keeping your personal and financial data safe is our highest priority. We are certified SOC2 compliant which is the highest standard for data security as defined by the AICPA. Our auditors are BDO.


Your access credentials are encrypted in our database. When you login, all personal and financial data is transmitted to your device using best-of-breed encryption protocols to ensure that your data cannot be compromised or stolen in-flight.


Your data is strictly confidential, and we will not share it with anyone else. Your privacy is very important to us and we will guard all of your personal information.

Market Data

Watch Lists:

Watch lists allow users to manage and track products. The user makes a list of items to monitor. Information related to those items is updated real-time. This helps users to make quick and informed decisions.


BankBook offers email and text notifications. Users can determine and set what they want to receive alerts for. Typical events include important financial news and major changes in portfolio value.

News Feeds:

Never miss important information with our customizable news feed. Our system will alert you when watch-listed assets appear in the news to keep you informed about your finances.

Ready to know your finances?

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