How it Works

BankBook is powerful, but also easy to use. You can be up and running in a few short steps:

1. Register

We don't need much for you to get up and running, just an email address and password to start.

2. Get set up

Set up your Personal Assets/Liabilities and your Investment Assets. Import your data by hand, or upload a spreadsheet obtained from your bank's web portal (e.g. OFX).

For optimal results your BankBook data should match your real-world financial data as closely as possible.

3. We do the rest

  • Keeping Things Up-To-Date:

    We keep everything up to date by automatically applying scheduled payments. For example: monthly rent, credit card payments or stock dividends. And we use live market data to update the value of each of your holdings so you always know your Net Asset Value.

  • Performance Analysis:

    We provide you with sophisticated tools to measure and analyze the performance of your portfolio.

4. See you again soon

  • Dashboard:

    Return to BankBook to get updates on the positions you're watching and view your portfolio's updated status.

  • Alerts:

    We'll let you know (via text or email) when milestones are hit, either in terms of portfolio return or market data activity.

Ready to know your finances?

Still have questions about BankBook or want to learn more about the features we offer? Contact us